How do I improve quickly?

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

We're all a little impatient sometimes and we all seem to think that we need to practice for hours at a time in order to improve quickly. Well let me let you in on a little secret. If you want to learn something really quickly, instead of practicing for hours on end, practice 10 to 30 minutes multiple times a day.

When we're learning a new skill we need to do this skill over and over in order to

develop the brain pathways (fancy word for this is neuroplasticity). And did you know that you actually need to forget a bit of the new learning in order to relearn it and build that neural pathway? So, stop practicing for hours a day and practice just 10-30 minutes at a time and come back to it multiple times a day! Or spend 10 minutes on one concept or skill and then come back to it at some point in your practice session. This circular learning makes learning faster.

So what would I recommend? In an ideal world, you'd get that instrument out two or more times a day, run over the same content, piece or skill that you are trying to learn and then repeat over a few weeks or months until you've learnt that skill! Short bursts with regular breaks in between.

For the time poor? Take a scale or phrase of music that you are trying to learn. In your practice session, play it slowly, perfectly, really focusing on the correct notes,

articulation, rhythm and volume. Focus on it intently for up to 20 minutes and then move on. At the end of your practice session, come back to it and see if you can remember it. The first day will be hard and then progressively, you will find you remember more and more easily until you have finally learnt that new concept!


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