Monique's Music Flute Lessons Clarinet Lessons Saxophone Lessons Online Lessons Online Flute Course

Monique's Music offers online music lessons and tuition to adult learners in flute, saxophone and clarinet. I have 10+ years experience in teaching students of all ages and abilities, both in the classroom and online. 

I hold a Bachelor's degree in Music Performance, a Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning and a Graduate Certificate in Education. Although based in Brisbane, the online platform for music lessons lends the flexibility to teach students from all corners of the world. Currently, I have students residing in Australia, America, Canada, New Zealand and even Europe!


I love teaching mature-aged students as they have a strong desire to learn. They are present with me in each and every lesson and I can connect with them on a different level. Each student is very different, some wanting structure, others freedom, specific technique, music theory or simply the skills to play something 'fun'. The uniqueness of each student and finding out how they tick is what I thrive on.

So whether you are curious to learn a new skill or would like to build on existing knowledge, I am the teacher for you. 

Monique's Music Flute Lessons Clarinet Lessons Saxophone Lessons Online Lessons Online Flute Course

Why Learn Music Online?

Ever wanted to know how to play a musical instrument but never had the chance? Well now you can! I offer 30, 45 and 60-minute music lessons over Zoom so that you can learn anywhere at anytime, all you need is a device and internet connection!

I've designed my courses with the grey nomad in mind. I can teach you the skills to play the music you love on flute, saxophone and clarinet from the convenience of your own home, living room or even caravan or boat!

  • Flute - the perfect sized instrument to add to your backpack or handbag, soft, silvery sounds

  • Clarinet - versatile and small, perfect for taking places, a beautiful warm tone great for all music styles

  • Saxophone - that saxy instrument we all aspire to play, perfect for jazz, pop and even classical musical

Never picked up an instrument before in your life? No problem! I've designed a beginner friendly flute course that takes you through all the basics which you can do in your own time (**clarinet and saxophone coming soon!**). I literally start from opening your music case to reading music and playing your first few notes! Knowing these basics will prepare you for whatever you wish to pursue next and is a great, cost effective way, to get a taste before committing to weekly online lessons with a tutor.

Monique's Music Flute Lessons Clarinet Lessons Saxophone Lessons Online Lessons Online Flute Course

I like the way Monique allows me to essentially guide the content of a lesson. I've felt very comfortable with her and she's wonderful at recognising where I'm at and guiding me steadily towards my goals. I am loving my online lessons with Monique - she is very sweet, very encouraging and forgiving (!) and works to a steady pace.

Monique's Music Flute Lessons Clarinet Lessons Saxophone Lessons Online Lessons Online Flute Course

My background: I have played flute, with classical training, on and off for many years and I’ve had many teachers during this time. My goal with Monique is to learn to play blues, jazz and improvisation. This is a completely new skill set for me.  Monique’s approach is logical and clear. I had some trepidation about taking lessons online. However, remote lessons are actually just fine. I experience very little difference between in-person and online classes. Monique has helped me learn an incredible amount in the 3 months we’ve worked together. She has helped me improve my tone and is pointing out flaws no other teachers mentioned. If I had teachers like Monique when I was younger, I believe I’d have been a better flautist with a more well-rounded knowledge of music.

I've been enjoying Zoom lessons with Monique for just over one year now. I learned clarinet for years at school, then last year picked it up again after a 30 year break. I am really happy that I found Monique to support me on this journey. I work full time and have a family so finding time to play the clarinet is sometimes tricky. Monique's weekly lessons motivate me to find the time for clarinet practice. I always come away from our half hour lesson feeling relaxed and positive. I'd recommend Monique's lessons to any adult learner who wants to rediscover music in their life.

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