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My Story

When did it all begin?


I started playing flute as part of the school band program at my primary school at the ripe old age of 10 and was instantly attracted to the 'silver one in the front row'. My best friend also wanted to play the flute and the rest is history. My friend was, of course, a much better student than I! However, through sheer determination (on my parent's behalf - not mine) I eventually found my own love for the instrument and the world of music and went on to dabble in saxophone, clarinet and even a little oboe!

The next phase; Teaching

During my university studies, I started teaching students of all ages. Received my teaching degree and started working in schools as the most epic music teacher ever (or so I tell myself :P ). Although classroom Music was fulfilling and everyday was different, something was missing. I missed the instrumental teaching where I had first discovered my love of sharing music with others.

Monique's Music!


After teaching in schools and partaking in numerous community ensembles and musicals I found myself teaching mature aged learners as the Musical Director of a community ensemble. The enthusiasm and the drive of mature learners is invigorating - and they sometimes even get my jokes! This, coupled with their desire to play music for themselves, really connected with me. Music for the fun of it, the pure enjoyment and sense of peace and accomplishment. This is where the concept for Monique's Music was born.

Monique's Music

Online Flute, Saxophone and Clarinet Lessons

Monique's Music teaches online music lessons to adult learners in flute, saxophone and clarinet. I have 10+ years experience in teaching students of all ages and abilities, both in the classroom and online. 

I hold a Bachelor's degree in Music Performance and a Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning.  Although based in Brisbane, holding online music lessons lends the flexibility to teach students from all corners of the world. From America, Canada to New Zealand and even Europe. 


I love teaching mature-aged students as they have a sheer desire to learn that is unmatched. They are present with me in each and every lesson and I can connect with them to help them learn. 

So whether you are curious to learn a new skill or would like to build on existing knowledge, I am the teacher for you. 

Get to know Monique better!

What were the first few years of learning like?


My early years were not smooth. My Dad forced me to practice for many years and it took me 3 years to learn to read music. Then something changed. I was introduced to the world of Harry Potter and Disney play alongs and suddenly I was hooked, I'd found my niche!

Monique's Music

University Big Band I put together and directed

Monique's Music

Carnegie Hall with a Brisbane Youth Orchestra

How do you overcome a slump in motivation?


This has been a big one for me over the years. It all comes down to finding/discovering the enjoyment again. Various things work like connecting with a teacher or community group, setting a schedule or goal, understanding why you are doing something (e.g. scales or exercises) or even playing along to recordings or demos. 

Monique's Music

QUT Law Musical

What was the first flute your owned and what do you play now?

My father went down to the local Cash Converters and found a closed-hole, solid silver Gemeinhardt. It was a surprisingly good instrument and served me well for many years. I still have it and occasionally play it from time to time even though the case is held together with rubber bands! I now play a Miyazawa. I’m not sure of the model but I know that it was the one I liked. When choosing an instrument I am a believer of playing them all, even if they’re the same model, to find the instrument that works for you. It’s a beautiful instrument that I was fortunate enough to purchase during my university days and thoroughly enjoy playing it.

Monique's Music

Community Jazz Festival

What do you enjoy most about teaching?

Seeing my students progress or overcome something that they've been struggling to do. Whether it's that tricky passage or simply building confidence to perform. Or even just finding their love of music through my guidance and enthusiasm.

Why online learning?


I love online learning because it enables everyone, everywhere to have access to professional guidance and feedback! Whether you want to seriously learn a skill, like music, or perhaps you have a particular problem or query you need guidance on, you can do that via online lessons, anywhere, at anytime! It's accessible, efficient and helps to remove barriers such as location, time and competing priorities.

Monique's Music

QLD Youth Orchestra Big Band on tour

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Was there a teacher that made a real difference to your playing?

There were many teachers in my life that have helped me along my journey however the biggest influence would have to be my father. He forced and then encouraged practice sessions, bought me music, drove me to endless lessons, rehearsals and performances, sat through every practice session and looked for endless opportunities for me to perform and play. Without his support it is quite likely that I may have given up the flute and never learned a second, third and then fourth instrument. 

Monique's Music Big Band

QLD Youth Orchestra Big Band

What do you enjoy most about teaching?

Seeing my students progress or overcome something that they've been struggling to do. Whether it's that tricky passage or simply building confidence to perform. Or even just finding their love of music through my guidance and enthusiasm.

Monique's Music

QLD Youth Orchestra Symphonic WInds

What genre of music do you like to play?

Other than the obvious love for Harry Potter, Disney and other popular film scores I've found a love for French Romantic music and even a little impressionism in the form of Debussy. Anything that is expressive. I’ve also been quite interested in the compositions by Ian Clarke and his ideas about what a flute can do! I also love 1940s Jazz and Dixieland. Music that pulls at your heart strings or makes you feel happy.